Simulation shows Cane Bay teenagers the dangers of DUI ahead of high school prom
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Simulation shows Cane Bay teenagers the dangers of DUI ahead of high school prom

Aug 29, 2023

by: Tim Renaud

Posted: May 5, 2023 / 04:25 PM EDT

Updated: May 5, 2023 / 04:25 PM EDT

BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – Prom season is here, and emergency crews are working to spread the word about the importance of not drinking and driving.

A simulation of the consequences of driving under the influence took place Friday in the Cane Bay community, involving about 15 agencies at the high school.

“One of my friends, who was my best friend in high school, was killed shortly after prom. 21 days before graduation,” said Corey Port with the Whitesville Rural Fire Department.

Port had the idea to conduct this simulation for juniors and seniors at Cane Bay High School to show them what could happen after a DUI accident since their prom takes place on Saturday.

Members of the school drama department played roles, from the injured to bystanders who witnessed the accident.

Law enforcement, fire, and medical help began arriving. One victim was thrown from the vehicle. During the simulation, victims are observed and treated.

The “jaws of life” equipment was used to help get trapped victims from a car. A flight care helicopter event arrived from Trident Hospital where a victim was loaded up and rushed to the hospital.

One victim, a passenger in the back of the car, did not make it. The coroner’s office is there to retrieve her body when a loved one runs up, to see her loved one deceased.

Meanwhile, a sheriff’s deputy and state trooper do some field tests for DUI with the driver of the vehicle. He fails and is handcuffed to be taken to jail.

Once the field simulation was over, students went to their classrooms to watch a video of what was happening in the ambulance as the driver who was thrown from a vehicle was transported, with the student’s real mom in the ambulance as well.

The simulation continued at Trident, with doctors working to save his life, but it just doesn’t happen.

Finally, they let his mom know the bad news…

Makayla Summers is a junior at Cane Bay, and she helped as a bystander during the accident simulation. She said it felt very real.

“I actually started sobbing after a while because I was already shaking as it is cause I was already nervous,” she said.

“It just taught me to cherish every day and to not take risks in cases that you think you’re invincible because none of us are,” added junior Makayla Summers.

Cane Bay High School’s prom happens on Saturday – students are encouraged to celebrate responsibly.

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