7 Ways Boomers Can Save Money at Costco
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7 Ways Boomers Can Save Money at Costco

Aug 16, 2023

Costco stands as a beloved shopping destination for individuals of all generations, offering an array of products and deals that are often unmatched elsewhere. Particularly for baby boomers, who might be enjoying their retirement years and managing their finances more cautiously, the attraction of Costco’s excellent deals cannot be underestimated. The warehouse store caters to the older demographic with discounts on vacation getaways, essential medical items and staple groceries.

Discover a number of reliable ways baby boomers can shop at Costco for less.

Let’s dive into strategies that hold significant promise for baby boomers looking to save big.

When it comes to saving on necessities, buying in bulk at Costco is an effective approach to ensure a steady supply of essential products. Baby boomers can conveniently amass a stockpile of everyday necessities like vitamins and nonperishables. This strategy not only aids in saving money, but also diminishes the necessity for frequent shopping trips

Given baby boomers’ love for quality, they are likely to appreciate Costco’s assortment of high-caliber products. In the event that a product does not meet their satisfaction, Costco’s lenient return policy allows members to seek a refund for unsatisfactory items.

Pooling resources with a friend or family member who is also a Costco member can yield significant savings. The warehouse store offers a cooperative saving program for members who shop together. When two members utilize the same card to complete a purchase, a 5% discount is applied to eligible items.

For baby boomers keen on optimizing their Costco experience, it’s advisable to invite a friend or family member along to capitalize on this savings opportunity.

Members of Costco aged 55 and above are afforded special privileges not extended to younger generations. Baby boomers can access exclusive discounts on designated products and services, such as hearing aids, prescription eyewear and travel packages.

Another avenue for saving money is Costco’s pharmacy services. For baby boomers requiring prescription medications, Costco’s pharmacy offers competitive pricing and discounts exclusively for members. Furthermore, while awaiting prescription fulfillment, individuals can also shop for groceries or refuel their vehicles.

Costco offers some affordable products that specifically cater to older generations. Let’s take a look.

With its expansive assortment of discounted goods and bulk-sized offerings, Costco presents older customers with numerous avenues to economize on health-related products.

“The selection of medical goods available at Costco will prove more useful to boomers than it might the younger generations,” said Natalie Warb, financial expert at CouponBirds. “Aside from hearing aids and defibrillators, the store also stocks useful products such as wheelchairs and walking sticks or canes — perfect for those who suffer from mobility issues.”

For baby boomers seeking a leisurely retreat, exploring Costco’s travel packages is strongly recommended.

“Costco’s selection of cruise packages may appeal to the older generation more than younger customers,” Warb said. “With so much time on retirees’ hands, these holiday packages allow the older generation to travel abroad for less.”

Baby boomers in pursuit of a serene cruise getaway will undoubtedly find value in Costco’s diverse offerings. For a mere $220, Costco members can secure a four-night roundtrip cruise from Miami to Labadee, Haiti. This package encompasses access to a theater, nightclub, golf simulator, art gallery, bars and a comprehensive spa.

While it may be a solemn thought, many baby boomers consider prearranging their funeral plans to alleviate the potential financial burden and emotional distress for their families. Though planning for one’s passing is an uncomfortable topic, the expenses linked with these arrangements can be unexpectedly substantial if not proactively managed.

When the time arises for organizing funeral arrangements, Costco can emerge as an invaluable resource for the older generation. Baby boomers have access to an array of coffins and urns from the retail giant, all at discounted rates.

For $1,149.99, Costco shoppers can acquire the Oxford Casket by Prime, crafted to accommodate cremation. This casket boasts a cherry high-gloss finish and an interior upholstered in almond velvet. Costco’s pricing significantly undercuts that of competitors, with Overnight Caskets pricing the identical product at a steeper $1,299.99.

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